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What is NinjaCupid?

NinjaCupid is NOT an online dating site, we're not here to match you up with math or ask you 20 questions to find someone who you probably will not like. You know who you like best and NinjaCupid is the way to let that special someone you like know exactly that.

NinjaCupid connects with your already created Facebook account and gives you access to add a "crush" from your friends list. "So what?" you ask? Well we don't just stop there, we allow you to view those who add you as a crush and more!

Ready to tell your crush?


How do I sign-up?

Simple! Just click the Facebook login button (or “Login with Facebook” link) and you will be asked to grant access on Facebook for NinjaCupid, click continue and your sign up is complete.

I signed-up but I logged out, how do I get back in?

Same process as signing up, just click the Facebook log-in button. Instead of re-authenticating the application with Facebook though you will be redirected to your profile on NinjaCupid.

Does NinjaCupid store any personal data?

NO, we do not store any personal data about our users on our servers. Everything stays with Facebook, we figured this is best for everyone.

Is NinjaCupid free?

YES! We may offer a paid version later on but we will always offer a free version and allow all those who sign-up now to stay at said version.

Ready to tell your crush?